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The MacKay product line includes:

The MacKay Guardian SOLO™
An advanced and secure single space parking meter that
accepts multiple forms of payment including credit and
smart cards.

The MacKay Guardian Elite™
An incredibly flexible multi space pay machine available in
pay-by-space, pay-and-display, and license plate modes.

The Sentinel™ Meter Management System
MacKays new back office system for both single and multi-
space parking meters. Parking operators are now able to
process and track single & multi space transactions through
one software package. Sentinel™ also provides reporting,
transaction data, and meter status in one searchable,
downloadable management system.

Citation+™ Web parking enforcement software solutions.

The MacKay Guardian™ X Series digital parking meter.

MacKay manufactures its own line of single-
space parking meter housings, locks and decorative poles
and parts for MacKay and other leader meter brands.