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Public Parking Associates, Inc. - 2014
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The PassportParking Pay-By-Phone System.

Public Parking Associates is the Northern California distributor
for PassportParking

The PassportParking pay-by-phone service provides parking
providers with a quick, easy and affordable opportunity to accept
parking fees electronically, configure areas and rates, and
enforce and control parking.

SO simple and inexpensive to implement and operate! Best of all,
with Passport operators have nothing to purchase or maintain. Just
signs or stickers for parking meters providing the
Passport web address.

Your customers will find Passport easy-to-use and economical. At a
very low per transaction cost they can pay for parking using their
cell phone. Parking time is pre-bought and the more you purchase
at one time, the less you pay for parking.

Passport will enhance customer convenience, reduce collection and
operational costs and, in some cases, as an alternative to installing
parking meters.

With Passport parking enforcement and control is simplified using
the latest technology.

Parking fee collection and settlement are performed electronically,
using a secured payment platform, eliminating the need for coin

Call us at (510) 338-4288 and we will be happy to set up a pilot
program so that you can try PassportParking. We think you'll like it.