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May 2012 Issue of Parking Today Magazine
Features an article by PPA's CEO - Mark S. Miller

"Grace Periods - Sometimes a Good Investment" on Page 64
Here is part of it, please click on it for the full article:


International Parking Institute e-learning Center Webinar
Presented by PPA's CEO - Mark S. Miller

Money in the Cushions - Have You Overlooked These Ways to Increase Parking Revenues?

Webinar air date: September 22, 2010

There are ways of increasing revenues other than incremental fee increases.
Are there potential paying customers for your parking operation that changes in your
organization's fee structures, policies or practices could attract?
Do some customers require special care or additional services for which you could charge?
Could your parking rates be structured in a way that parkers would gladly pay more?
You will: Learn to critically assess your organization's fee structures.
Come away with ideas that could increase parking revenues.
Gain greater community support for your parking program.

For more information and to purchase the Webinar, Please Visit:
Public Parking Associates, Inc. : IPI Webinar

UPDATE:  IPI donated $50 to the Salvation Army,
on behalf of Mark Miller and PPA for hosting this webinar.
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August 03, 2010
City of Union City - Redevelopment Agency

"Accepted the Parking Program report ... [and] ... authorized the City
Attorney and Executive Director to create a parking operations contract with
Mark Miller and Public Parking Associates, Inc, and authorized staff to install
area S parking permits and free two-hour limited parking. This will save
approximately $60,000 annually. The 2010-11 city budget projects $185,000 in
net revenue." Source:
Tri-City Voice